Bolets 101: A Guide to Catalan Fungi

If there is one thing that’s true in this world, it’s that Catalans love their mushrooms. Every year, roughly between the months of September and December, people head to the forests like children in a candy store, tirelessly scavenging for the horrendously ugly fungi that populate these parts. Officially speaking, the Catalans classify bolets, the general word for these […]

Traditional Catalan Restaurants in Barcelona

traditional catalan restaurants in Barcelona

Traditional Catalan cuisine has an important role in Spain, a country whose regional specialties dictate its cuisine as a whole. Here in Barcelona, just like with the rest of the booming restaurant, cafe, bar and bodega scene, choosing a restaurant to enjoy flavorful escalivada or hearty escudella de l’olla isn’t the easiest of tasks. Read on for a brief […]

How to Order Coffee in Barcelona

Ordering coffee in Spain can be tricky business. Confusing jargon and differing regional specialties intimidate even the most dedicated of coffee fanatics… Here in Barcelona, many are even further perplexed by the Catalan language twist thrown in the mix. So, unless you are satisfied with having a café con leche each and every time, read on for a general […]

Barcelona Shopping Tips

barcelona shopping tips

Barcelona is a compact city that is filled to the brim with different shopping areas for all tastes, budgets and time-limits. From high-end designers to funky second-hand and vintage shops, read on for our best Barcelona shopping tips while in the city. Portal de l’Angel One of the busiest pedestrian streets in Spain begins right […]

Unique Activities in Barcelona

We may be biased, but Barcelona is a pretty cool place. So cool that people tend to return again and again. If you’ve visited the monuments, seen the sights or you’re just plain tired of the usual, read on for some ideas for unique activities in Barcelona. Relaxing in Ancient Baths Though ancient public bathhouses, or baños arabes, […]

48 Hours in Barcelona

Welcome to 48 hours in Barcelona! It’s not always easy packing a two thousand year old city into two days but hey, you won’t be the first to have mastered it! Read on for some tips on how to do Barcelona in a jiffy, and whether it’s a weekend getaway or a stop-through during a […]

What to do in Barcelona in November

One of the most beautiful months of the year in Barcelona is November.  Crisp autumnal air, fall traditions of Catalunya and delicious cold-weather treats are enough to get anyone excited! And that’s not to mention the cultural agenda that is always jam-packed this time of year. Read on to find out what to do in Barcelona […]

Traditional Foods in Barcelona

traditional foods in barcelona

Spain is huge in the culinary world, and cities like Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian have long had a strong presence on the foodie map. All the same, each region, city and even town boasts their own specialties, and depending on where you are, you can enjoy truly authentic foods that you may not find […]

Best Cocktail Bars in Barcelona

best cocktail bars in barcelona

If you’re looking for a mean cocktail in Barcelona, odds are you’ll have difficulties choosing where. The Barcelona cocktail scene is one that has grown substantially in recent years, and though mixologists and gintonics weren’t always the norm, nowadays anything from rustic taverns to swanky lounges are getting a piece of the action. Cocktails are […]

Halloween in Barcelona

It’s officially October and therefore more than acceptable to start thinking about Halloween plans. If you’re going to be in Barcelona, rest assured that they won’t be lacking. Though Halloween is not a traditional holiday here in Spain, it’s one that grows more and more in popularity every year, plus you can enjoy Catalonia’s very […]