Where to Drink Wine in Barcelona

Where oh where to drink wine in Barcelona? That question could be answered on every street corner,every cozy cafe, hole in the wall and best restaurant in town. Great wine is everywhere in Barcelona, and not just Rioja. Priorat, Terra Alta, Emporda…the wines of Catalonia are abundant and impressive, so if you’re serious about your wine-doings, […]

Where to Eat in Barcelona: the Poble Sec Neighborhood

Daunted with the decision on where to eat in Barcelona? Go off the beaten path and to one of the most booming foodie areas of the city… The neighborhood of Poble Sec, right outside Barcelona’s old city center and sandwiched between the immense Parallel Avenue and Montjuic, is undoubtedly one of the most exciting areas for […]

5 Ways to Warm Up in Barcelona This Winter

Winter in Barcelona is known to be pretty mild, as average temperatures rarely get into the single digits and the strong Mediterranean sun shines on a pretty regular basis. All the same, thanks to the sea and high levels of humidity, it can feel a lot chillier than what the weather forecast may lead you to believe. […]

Six Easy and Essential Travel Tips for Barcelona

While Barcelona is a well-connected city that is used to receiving international visitors, part of the beauty is that traveling is that things are never quite the same as in your home country. Whether it’s places to see, things you need to learn, or simply some handy hints, here are some easy travel tips for […]

5 Restaurants for an Event in Barcelona

Barcelona is foodie heaven, but casually saddling up to the bar at a tapas restaurant isn’t always easy when you’re running with a multitude. Whether it be a big birthday bash, a holiday dinner or simply a big group of hungry travelers toasting their first night on the town, check out these five great restaurants […]

Typical Catalan Christmas Foods

The best part about the holiday season is all the delicious foods to go along with it that are only eaten at that time of year and of course, there is no shortage of seasonal treats to be found in Catalonia. Typical Catalan Christmas foods are an absolute treat. The savory dishes are rich and […]

Five Alternative Christmas Markets in Barcelona

Traditional Christmas markets in Barcelona are great, but there are many more to discover! If you’ve had enough of the usual tinsel and nativity scenes, check out some of Barcelona’s incredible alternative Christmas markets..Whether it’s original jewelry, handcrafted notebooks or quirky ornaments, you will find loads of local-made products, which of course make the best Christmas gifts from Barcelona! […]

Must Try Holiday Sweets in Barcelona and Where to Find Them

Across the globe and throughout different cultures, the words “holidays” and “sweets” go hand in hand, and Barcelona is no exception! From turrón to polvorones to tortell de reis, there are dozens of holiday sweets in Barcelona that you cannot miss while in the Catalan capital during the festive season, as they play a huge […]

What to do in Barcelona in January

Looking for things to do in Barcelona in January? We’ve got plenty of suggestions! January is Barcelona’s coldest month, but that doesn’t mean much in the sunny Catalan capital. Temperatures average out to about 13 degrees celsius, and the sun shines more often than not. Lots going on, so check out what to do in […]

Where to Watch Flamenco in Barcelona

Looking for places to see authentic flamenco in Barcelona? Then you’re in luck! Join us on the Evening Tapas & Flamenco Tour, where not only will you learn the history behind this passionate dance, but you’ll also be privy to a fantastic show and delicious Spanish tapas afterward!   Though Barcelona isn’t especially known for […]