Recipe: Crema Catalana

Crema Catalana, Europe’s lesser known custard dessert, is one of our favorites in all of Spain, and we’re here to make sure it gets the credit it deserves! Traveling around Europe, you might find that many countries claim to have invented the same thing. It’s always an age-old dispute that, despite having some evidence favoring […]

5 Things to Eat in Barcelona RIGHT NOW!

  So the holidays are long gone and we can finally start to think about eating again… Did someone say new years resolutions? Out the window. It’s the dead of winter, and we need something to be excited about. Like calçots. Or ramen. Or some incredibly naughty sweets that we need to stay warm. Check out […]

5 Spots for Coffee Connoisseurs in Barcelona

Looking for the best coffee in Barcelona? Read our guide on where to find it! Coffee culture in Spain is an interesting concept. It is such a huge part of daily life, yet there is little to be said about its quality. Sure, a café con leche can really hit the spot, but it would be a […]

Live Like a Local in Barcelona

Throughout our years in Barcelona, we’ve come across dozens of thought-provoking words that people use to describe the city we call home. “The door to Europe” makes us think of its cosmopolitan nature, “la ciudad condal,” as it’s known in Spanish, recalls its history. But recently, we read something about how Barcelona is a “lifestyle city”, […]

What to Do in Barcelona in February

February: that strangely short month that somehow always feels eternal. The holidays are long gone, even by Spanish standards, and now begins the anxious wait for spring. But, despite the winter blues, Barcelona has a few highlights that will make this month extra-special, because there’s always something to celebrate, right? After all, we are in Spain, […]

Salt Cod Recipe: Bacalao a la Llauna

Check it out! It’s the recipe of the month, where we highlight a typical Catalan recipe to go along with anything from the changing of the seasons to whatever it is we are currently craving! Of course, after the non-stop holidays, we are still uncomfortably full. Way too many family lunches and turrón have got us in the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Calçots

Of the wide variety of Catalan cuisine, who would have thought that an onion could be so cherished? The calçot, a cross between a spring onion and leek, is by and large one of the most beloved products of this region in Spain. Native of Valls, Tarragona (about 100 kilometers southwest of Barcelona), they say a Catalan […]

Best Museums in Barcelona

With a lean towards to the modernist art and architecture that Barcelona is known for, you can certainly find some interesting musems in the city. Whether you are a fan of Picasso or Miró, would love to learn about Barcelona’s seafaring history, or just simply want to check out some modernist art and architecture, there really is something for […]

Barcelona in the Blogosphere: Barcelona Blogs in English

2014 was an exciting time for us, and rightfully so – it was Devour Barcelona’s birth year, after all! We ran pilot tours in July, launched our first tours in September and watched them grow and evolve into something amazing during the last few months. But of course, we could not have done it alone! Through 2014 we had […]