Different Takes: Barcelona in the Blogosphere (part II)

There’s so much that can said about Barcelona, and here’s what’s been said about our wonderful city that we loved! Hi everyone and happy spring! We’re back with Barcelona in the Blogosphere, a nice little roundup of the recent blog posts about our beautiful city. Barcelona is bustling as usual, and there are a lot […]

Barcelona for the Chocolate Obsessed

Barcelona’s got a thing for chocolate, and chocolate treats in all different forms can be found all over the city. From the classic ‘suizos’ to beautiful, boutique-like emporiums of all things cacao, and even a museum dedicated to everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure, read our guide to discover everything about chocolate in Barcelona! Fargas: A Barcelona Classic […]

Five Incredible Sushi Restaurants in Barcelona

Looking for great sushi in Barcelona? We’ve tried all the sushi, sashimi and nigiri from here to Madrid so read on for our top picks for sushi restaurants in Barcelona. Japi Sushi Bar Though Japi Sushi Bar is newer to the crowd, the place is already in the top ranks of the ever-growing sushi scene in […]

9 Useful Words For Ordering a Drink in Spain

Having your basic vocabulary down in a foreign country is key. And if you’re a foodie like us, you have your priorities! Here’s your guide to ordering a drink in Spain. Una Caña We drink a lot of beer in Spain. In fact, despite being one of the top wine producers in the world, we […]

Truita d’Alls Tendres Recipe (Green Garlic Omelette)

Garlic is a key ingredient in Spanish and Catalan cuisine, and along with extra virgin olive oil, it’s where so many traditional savory dishes begin. But green garlic? What is that? If you are unfamiliar with green garlic, also known as spring garlic, baby garlic, young garlic or garlic shoots, you can imagine a lot […]

Get off the Boat! Spending the Day in Barcelona

If your cruise ship is stopping in the Barcelona cruise port, there is no way you can miss out on this beautiful city! Relatively small and easy to manage, you can get a great feel for Barcelona’s laid back vibes in just one day, and of course see the big sights while you’re at it. […]

Five Essential Items for Every Spanish Kitchen

Dreaming of that perfect Spanish kitchen? Spanish cuisine is based on simple, fresh ingredients, some of its best signature dishes employing something as basic as an egg and making a culinary masterpiece out of it. But of course, no Spanish cocina would be complete without some staple kitchenware items, from traditional utensils that pass through the generations […]

Three Ideas for Barcelona Shore Tours

Stopping in Barcelona on your cruise? Lucky you! The Catalan capital is one of the most exciting cities in the Mediterranean, and you won’t even have one foot off the boat before seeing why. From the buzzing beaches of Barceloneta to the beautiful modernist buildings decorating the streets, you’ll want to experience it, so make […]

Typical Souvenirs from Barcelona

Looking for the perfect souvenirs from Barcelona? We’ve got plenty of ideas. If you’re like us, you’ve probably waited until the last minute to hunt down souvenirs for your friends and family back home. You’ve managed to pick up several Sagrada Familia magnets just in case, but you’ll need to get a little more creative […]