Best Bodegas in Barcelona

This blog post was originally posted on September 27, 2017 and was updated on August 2, 2017. In Spain, the word bodega can mean a lot of things… A winery, a wine cellar, a bar, and in many cases, a wine cellar and a bar. But where are the best bodegas in Barcelona?… Barcelona is packed with […]

The Layover Guide: Make the Most of Your Layover in Barcelona

What makes eating with kids in Barcelona so much fun? Parks like these of course! The most beautiful park in Barcelona is the perfect place to relax and unwind between flights on your layover in barcelona.

You could be forgiven for not being the biggest fan of layovers. For most they’re a necessary evil, involving hours of boredom, leg cramps and less than appetizing food choices. But for others, they’re a chance to explore—a micro-trip to an undiscovered place. Yes, we admit they can be tiring sometimes, but with our layover […]

How to Drink Wine in Barcelona Like a Local

We love some of the most authentic and best bodegas in Barcelona! Check out our favorites here!

This blog post was originally posted on September 30, 2016 and was updated on August 2, 2017. One of the most beautiful aspects of Spanish culture is the relationship locals have with wine. If you really want to know how to drink wine in Barcelona like a local… read on! When it comes to wine […]

Where to Eat in Gracia: Barcelona Neighborhood Restaurant Guide

The beautiful terrace at Roig Robí is the most beautiful place to eat. The next time you are trying to decide where to eat in Gracia, make sure to stop by!

This blog post was originally posted on February 3, 2015 and was updated on July 27, 2017. With so many incredible restaurants on every corner it’s hard to know where to eat in Gracia. This charming village-like neighborhood just north of the Eixample is a unique, off-the-beaten-path absolute-must for foodies.  It’s packed with authentic Catalan restaurants, hopping […]

Where to Do a Wine Tasting in Barcelona

Knowing where to do a wine tasting in Barcelona can be a tough decision - let us help you decide! From beautiful bodegas to hidden tasting rooms. We love the Barcelona local wine scene!

This blog post was originally posted on June 15, 2016 and was updated on August 2, 2017. Spain is a wine-lover’s paradise, and with the nearest vineyards located just 20 minutes from the city, Barcelona is no exception! Whether you’re a newbie to the world of Spanish wine or an absolute expert, there is always […]

The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Food Tours in Barcelona

Explore one of the most historical food markets in Barcelona at the Gracia Market!

Enjoy the foodie fun in Barcelona without the meat! These are the very best vegetarian food tours Barcelona has to offer. There’s so much to see (and eat!) in Barcelona. While we might be a bit biased, we think the best way to experience the city is with a food tour! After all, what’s better […]

Beyond Barcelona: Another Side to Spain

There is so much to love about Barcelona, and it’s no wonder why the city is one of the most popular destinations in Spain. But, as much as we love Barcelona, there is so much more to discover in this incredible country we call home… This fall, Devour will be taking off on its first […]