Most Popular Tapas in Barcelona (And If They’re Worth the Hype!)

Barcelona is tapas paradise, but what exactly is worth trying? Check out the most popular tapas in Barcelona, and if they’re worth all the hype!

Find the best tapas in Barcelona with our guide to the most popular!

Patatas bravas

Patatas bravas, or fried potatoes topped with a spicy bravas sauce (and sometimes all i oli, a garlic mayonnaise, too!) are probably the one tapa you will find on every single menu in the city of Barcelona, so obviously you will have to try them! The only thing to watch out for? Frozen potatoes, store-bought sauce and the like. It’s not uncommon for this staple of Barcelona tapas restaurants to be butchered. But when they do it right? Heaven.

Best tapas in Barcelona? You be the judge! Let us know if you think they're worth the hype!
The incredible patatas bravas at Bar del Pla, a frequent stop on our Tapas, Taverns & History tour!


When it comes to Spanish ham, remember one thing: not all jamón is created equal. So if you really want to try the good stuff, then you cannot miss out on jamón iberico de bellota, or acorn-fed Iberian ham. The ruby red, melt-in-your-mouth delicousness is absolutely not to be missed.

Learn more: Join us on a morning food tour to learn all about what makes this ham special, and try other types as well!

Looking for the best tapas in Barcelona? Here's the low-down!
Glorious, glorious acord-fed Iberian ham!

Pan con tomate

Pan con tomate, or bread with tomato, is undoubtedly the most simple and staple item of Catalan cuisine, and an absolute must-try tapa in Barcelona. But don’t expect to see it only in tapa form! This tomato and olive oil-rubbed bread is a breakfast staple as well, and also always present on sandwiches.

One of the best tapas in Barcelona is pan con tomate, or bread with tomato.
Simple, classic, and super tasty…pan con tomate is definitely worth the hype!

La Bomba

One of Barcelona’s most popular tapas, “the bomb” is a fried potato croquette, stuffed with ground beef and topped with the two classic sauces of patatas bravas: all i oli and bravas sauce. Worth the hype? We think so!

We love the bomba, a delicious tapa in Barcelona that is to die for!
One of the best “bombas” in Barcelona, at l’Anxoveta on our Gracia Neighborhood Food tour!

Anchoas (anchovies)

Anchoas, or anchovies, make for a popular tapa in Barcelona among locals. Anchovies in Spain traditionally come from the northern Cantabrian coast, or from the Mediterranean coast north of Barcelona. If you are an anchovy-hater, consider this your time to reform: try this incredible tapa with a bit of pan con tomate and you might change your mind!

Find the best tapas in Barcelona (and whether or not they're worth the hype) on our blog!
Don’t be frightened…these anchovies are delicious! Photo credit: Jun Seita on FlickrCC.

Pintxos (Basque tapas)

Pintxos, or Basque-style tapas, are very popular in Barcelona, with dozens of pintxo bars around different neighborhoods. The word pintxo refers to the skewer that holds the tapa together. There are many different types of pintxos, but most come atop a small slice of bread. Though they are not necessarily as gourmet as ones you’ll find in the Basque Country, pintxo bars are a fun way of “doing tapas” in Barcelona

Pro Tip: Check out Blai street in the Poble Sec neighborhood for great pintxo-bar hopping!

Pintxos are very popular tapas in Barcelona, so check out where to find them and try them yourself!
Pintxos galore in Barcelona’s Poble Sec neighborhood!

Buñuelos de bacalao

Salt cod is a common denominator for many different Mediterranean dishes, and without a doubt, buñuelos de bacalao, or salt-cod fritters, are one of the best tapas in Barcelona. Though there are different ways to prepare them, you can always expect that perfectly salted flavor!

Incredible cod fritters, one of Barcelona's best tapas!
Delicious salt-cod fritters!

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