Where to Eat in Barcelona: The Gothic Quarter

This blog post was originally posted on November 26, 2015 and was updated on February 7, 2017.

Barcelona’s oldest area, the Gothic Quarter, is filled with charm, enigma and, well, its fair share of tourist traps.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t eat well there! If you aren’t familiar with el gòtic, the area can be a bit difficult to navigate, but there are plenty of wonderful restaurants in the Gothic Quarter if you know where to look. So get out your maps and get ready to explore, and let us help you find where to eat in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona (and don’t miss out on our full post on things to do in the Gothic Quarter!).

Barcelona's oldest area, the Gothic Quarter, is filled with charm, enigma and, well, its fair share of tourist traps. But that doesn't mean you can't eat well there, you just have to know where to look! Read our guide as to where to eat in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, and have yourself a delicious adventure in this wonderful city!

La Alcoba Azul

There are some pockets of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter that breathe magic and history, and the old Jewish neighborhood, El Call, does just that. If you ever find it, head to La Alcoba Azul, a dusty little tapas bar specializing in tostas. These thick slices of countryside bread, slathered with anything from sobrassada to roasted vegetables, are what bring locals back for more.

Address: Carrer de Sant Domenech del Call, 14 

Granja Dulcinea

Some of Barcelona’s most historical cafes can be found at the many granjas around town. The word granja, in this case, refers to a Catalan style deli, that specializes in cream, pastries and thick hot chocolate.

Granja Dulcinea is a time warp that transports you to a Barcelona of the early 20th century, when families would go out for their afternoon snack after a walk around town. And in any case, you should definitely add Spanish hot chocolate to your list of things to eat in Barcelona!

Address: Carrer del Petritxol, 2

This is a perfectly prepared suisso, or hot chocolate with cream. This is an absolute must try in terms of food in the city, so don't miss a bar serving this when you are looking where to eat in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter!
Homemade whipped cream, thick hot chocolate and churros…a must-try for food in Barcelona!

La Plata

There’s a reason why the little corner bar La Plata calls itself the last standing authentic bar in the Gothic Quarter. Now, whether or not this is true is debatable, but most would agree that it’s one of the best. Rustic, authentic and with only four (yes, four) tapas on offer, we also had to include it in our list of top tapas bars in Barcelona.

Tapas, Taverns & History of Barcelona tourWant to visit La Plata in good company? Join us on our to visit this hidden gem and so much more in the Gothic Quarter!

Address: Carrer de la Merce, 28

Federal Cafe Gotic

Federal Cafe, originally opened in the trendy neighborhood of Sant Antoni, was such a smashing success that they opened a second location in arguably one of the most gorgeous alleyways of Barcelona. Federal does a lot of things well, from coffee to brunch, to cakes, to healthy but hearty organic meals. Airy, open and comfortable with a beautiful design, this place itself is worth seeing (or rather, finding), even if you aren’t starving!

Address: Passatge de la Pau, 11


Tired of tapas? Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city with a lot on offer–not only Spanish and Catalan food! One of the best (and well-priced) Japanese restaurants is just a stone’s throw from Barcelona’s Gothic cathedral, yet you might walk by it ten times without ever realizing it. Shunka has it all–whether you just need a sushi fix or you’re in the mood for a three-course proper Japanese dinner.

Address: Carrer de Sagristans, 5

Looking for where to eat in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona? You will need a guide to lead you through the maze-like streets like this! Although getting lost is part of the fun...
History-filled corners populate Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter.

Satan’s Coffee Corner

Looking for stellar coffee in Barcelona on one of the quietest, coziest, sun-drenched corners of the city? Satan’s Coffee Corner is one of the trend-setters for good coffee in Barcelona, so if you love a high quality cuppa joe, be sure to make this a stop in your wanderings of the Gothic Quarter. Don’t know how to order? Check out our guide for how to order coffee in Barcelona, though the coffee at Satan’s Coffee Corner does get a bit more gourmet!

Address: Carrer de l’Arc de Sant Ramon del Call


Barcelona and Catalonia have long been on the map for creative cuisine, and Pla, a local favorite, is the perfect spot for special occasions or romantic dinners. Get ready to stimulate your senses with their inventive dishes and different tasting menus, all the while tucked into one of the most beautiful restaurants of the Gothic Quarter.

Address: Carrer de Bellafila, 5

Did we miss anything for where to eat in the Gothic Quarter? Leave it in the comments for our readers!

Sometimes it feels like there are not enough meals in the day…you want to try so many things, and in such little time! That’s why you should join us on a food tour, a wonderful way to get a handle on Barcelona’s cultural, historical and, most importantly, foodie background, all in one morning, afternoon, or evening! 

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    I’ve just arrived back from an amazing two days in barcelona, I found a fab restaurant in the gothic quarter it’s called arcana little bit pricey but you definitely get what you pay for. It was my boyfriend’s birthday so it waS my treat. The food was exquisite the waiter was very knowledgeable about the food and the wine, who’d definitely recommend it if you want something a little bit special

  7. Barcelona is one of the most beautiful places on earth! Thanks for sharing this list, everything looks so delicious!

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