Best Blogs about Barcelona

best blogs about barcelona

One of the best ways to get insider’s tips and useful information before and during a trip is to check out the wide abundance of blogs, whose authors range from natives to expats to groups of friends that share one passion or another. In all cases, they are locals, and their perspective is a very useful one. Here are just a few of the best blogs about Barcelona, at least in the English language!

Homage to BCN

For: the Curious

A great starting point for all things Barcelona and Catalonia, Homage to BCN is a fantastic resource for everything that is going on in this corner of Spain. There is a bit of something for everyone, whether it be a brief guide to the Catalan independence movement, to unmissable weekend happenings, to a neat infographic about Barcelona and its history. Check out the Perfect Day series, a fun and informative way of seeing what a local’s perfect day looks like in Barcelona.

Driftwood Journals

For: the Hip

Travel and food writer Ben Holbrook’s wildly successful blog mainly focuses on eats, treats and good living in Barcelona. He’s young, he’s fun and he likes to get out and explore the different corners of the beautiful city that he inhabits. Take his advice if you’re curious about Barcelona’s hopping nightlife, or check out his various reviews of cool spots in the city, like the very authentic Vermuteria del Tano.

best blogs about barcelona
Barcelona is filled with colorful street art.

Barcelona Street Scraps

For: the Artsy

Barcelona is a fantastic city for art-lovers, and for those who are fascinated by the ephemeral world of street art, Barcelona Street Scraps is the go-to blog to check out different sightings before they’re “painted over or scrapped away.” Take a look to get familiar with the different artists and styles that populate these parts, and then take yourself on a treasure hunt to see if you can find other hidden corners where they’ve left their mark.

Foodie in Barcelona

For: the Foodie

Once known as Foodie in Berlin, Foodie in Barcelona has been virtually everywhere, not without stopping (and staying) in the beautiful Catalan capital. Read up on what she has to say about the latest food trends in the city, as she carefully dissects small details in a unique and matter-of-fact way. It’s an entertaining read, even if you aren’t planning a visit to Barcelona any time soon.

Barcelona Navigator

For: the Luxurious

Barcelona Navigator is your basic Barcelona city guide, with a touch of luxury. Complete with an extensive section on accommodation, sightseeing advice in the city and interesting and creative ideas for day trips and excursions, it’s a useful tool for visitors and locals alike. Don’t miss out on their recommendations for best spas in Barcelona, or their list of top boutique hotels.

What are some of the best blogs about Barcelona in your opinion?

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  1. Rob says: Reply

    All great selections. Especially the first one. 🙂 But seriously, these are blogs I always read. Another two I’d highly recommend are for more great restaurant reviews and also for a real understanding of the city and its barrios.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I’m 8 months late seeing it, but thanks anyway 🙂

  2. Renée Christensen says: Reply

    Hey Rob, thanks for the additions, those are great ones as well!

  3. J.R. Duren says: Reply

    Hi guys! I like this list but I would add Good writing and great tips!

  4. F says: Reply

    Here’s another one (I think it’s fairly new): Food blog with authentic suggestions.

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