Where to Stay Warm and Have Chocolate and Churros in Barcelona

Looking for things to do in winter in Barcelona? On those chilly days, you cannot miss out on a Spanish hot chocolate! Check out our recommendations for best churros in chocolate in Barcelona, and stay warm!

Check out the best spots for churros in Barcelona to stay nice and warm in winter in Barcelona!

Granja Viader

One of the oldest granjas (establishments selling fresh milk and cream) in Barcelona, Granja Viader is a total classic when it comes to creamy Spanish hot chocolate, and the perfect diner to hole up in on old days! Go for the suizo–thick hot chocolate topped with an enormous dollop of their homemade whipped cream!

Address: Carrer d’en Xuclà 4-6

We love Granja Viader for delicious Spanish hot chocolate and churros, the perfect snack on a cold winter day in Barcelona!
Homemade whipped cream on top of Spanish hot chocolate…yes, this is real!

Churreria Laietana

Churrerías are on nearly every corner in the south of Spain, but Barcelona only has a small handful of their own. It should come as no surprise, then, that one of the very best places for churros in Barcelona is run by a family of southern Spaniards! If you want to try something different than the typical churro, go for the larger porras.

Address: Via Laietana 46

Best churros in Barcelona? We have you covered!
Watch how churros are traditionally made at Churreria Laietana!

Granja 1872

Things to do in Barcelona in winter? How about knock off a bit of culture and history, while devouring some delicious hot chocolate and churros?! Granja 1892 boasts one of the most priveldged locations: tucked away on a small street of the Gothic Quarter, you can have your hot chocolate sitting next to pieces of the old Roman wall!

Address: Carrer dels Banys Nous 4

We love eating hot chocolate and churros in the winter in Barcelona..check out the best places to get it!
Winter in Barcelona…perfect time to get some hot chocolate and churros!

Churreria El Trebol

While this tiny corner shop might not warm you up, Churreria El Trebol undoubtedly have some of the best churros in Barcelona. After you’ve had your fix of chocolate and churros, take a stroll around one of the city’s most charming and lesser-known areas, La Vila de Gracia.

Address: Carrer de Corsega 341

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