Top Tips for Eating with Kids in Barcelona

This blog post was originally posted on October 23, 2014 and was updated on August 4, 2017.

Exploring Barcelona with kids? This city is filled with wonderful places to eat as a family! Read our guide on eating with kids in Barcelona and get ready to work up an appetite.

Traveling with kids to Barcelona? Here's our guide on how and where to eat with kids in Barcelona!

Not long ago, we wrote about things to do in Barcelona with kids. The city itself is very family-friendly, which is great for people traveling with young families—but sometimes it can be difficult to choose from so many great spots!

Let’s start by making clear that children are welcome at virtually any restaurant in Barcelona and of course all of Spain, too. Spaniards are not known to entertain in their homes and it’s very common to eat out for lunch or dinner with friends and family. Furthermore, you will notice that children often take part in late dinners with their families, as an early bedtime would impede their participation in this very social aspect of Spanish culture—eating!

All the same, there are a few different spots in Barcelona that are particularly kid-friendly. You might find with some of these that not only will your children enjoy eating out, but they may not even want to leave! Here are a few spots that are especially great for eating with kids in Barcelona.

Eating with kids in Barcelona is great at any time of day, from breakfast to night!
Kids just love churros—especially dipped in chocolate! What’s not to love?


For a simple and delicious lunch or dinner, try Kasparo. It’s a great and affordable tapas bar in a charming square in the Raval. Not only is the square lovely, it also sports a playground for kids that sits right at the edge of the Kasparo terrace. We recommend their famous patatas bravas or the flavorful mushroom croquettes, which will have your kids drooling for more.

Address: Plaça Vicenç Martorell, 4

La Nena

La Nena is a cafe and chocolateria that is arguably one of the most kid-friendly places around. Up in the Village of Gracia, La Nena is not only known for amazing Spanish hot chocolate, but also for homemade pastries and simple and delicious lunch fare. They also have an amazing collection of second-hand children’s books, games and toys to keep kids of all ages entertained.

Address: Carrer Ramon y Cajal, 36

Kids absolutely love Spanish hot chocolate! Read about eating with kids in Barcelona on our blog!
Creamy hot chocolate at La Nena.


Semproniana, a cozy, eclectically-decorated restaurant in the Eixample district, is well-known among local families. Not only are they renowned for their delicious reinventions of Catalan and French cuisine, but also for their kids cooking workshops. On Saturdays between the months of September and June, parents can have lunch while their kids attend Patacutxie, a cooking workshop for children ages 4 to 10. From 1.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m., kids have a ball while parents disconnect and enjoy a relaxing lunch on their own. For a mere €20 (which includes child’s lunch), it’s a fantastic idea and a perfect plan for eating with kids in Barcelona (or should we say without them!).

Address: Carrer del Roselló, 148

Eating with kids in Barcelona can be stressful sometimes, but not when you have some expert advice!
Children love to get their hands dirty and create some delicious food at Semproniana. Photo credit: Arnidol

Devour Barcelona Food Tour

There’s truly no better kid-friendly tour in Barcelona than our Barcelona Family Food & Legends Tour! A fun and interactive walking tour—created specifically for families with children between 4 and 12 years old. Candy shops, giants, legends, stories, food & more! Not only will children love learning all about the legends that make Barcelona so wonderfully captivating, parents will also get to join in on the fun and of course the eating too! It’s the perfect way to spend a morning with your kids while learning all there is to know about eating with kids in Barcelona.

If you are traveling with older children or teenagers, why not take them along to one of our morning food tours instead? This tour is the perfect combination of sitting and walking, not to mention it also includes a visit to the local market! Of course, the best part of the tour is the amazing food and we also give discounts for children and teens!

Local’s Tip: Want to know why kids love our Gracia Neighborhood Food and Market tour? Here’s 10 reasons!

The best thing about a tour is finding out all of the top tips on eating out with kids in Barcelona
An inquisitive little explorer learning all about how xuixos are made on our Barcelona Families Food & Legends Tour. Photo credit: Misty Barker

Picnic in Ciutadela Park

With all the sunny days Barcelona has to offer, even a picnic in January can make sense. Year-round, Barcelona’s central city park is lively and beautiful. It’s perfect for hanging out in the shade of trees in the hotter months or stretching out in the sun during the winter. Grab a few bocadillos de lomo (hot pork-chop sandwiches) from any bar, or head to Pim Pam Plats just around the corner. We love this place for delicious and homemade takeaway and more importantly, picnic-ready food.

Local’s Tip: Find some great picnic treats at the Santa Caterina Market. We love this neighborhood gem. Take a walk around in the video below with Lauren, our lovely co-founder.

El Convent de Sant Agustí

Housed in a 14th century building, the Convent de Sant Agustí is one of the Born’s best hidden gems. Though the building itself has undergone various phases of use, today it serves as an alternative civic center. It now hosts a variety of events and lots of different activities, classes and workshops every month for families to enjoy. The cafe makes incredible chocolate croissants, homemade quiches and delectable sandwiches, just to name a few. In one spacious corner, children’s games and books abound, as well as small tables and chairs, assuring their endless entertainment. The terrace, in the old cloisters, is one of the most beautiful in the city.

Address: Carrer del Comerç, 36

 If you’d like to explore more of Barcelona’s magical side with a local, join us on one of our food tours. Our Barcelona Family Food & Legends Tour is guaranteed to be a hit with all of the family! Even the youngest of gourmands can enjoy learning all about the Catalan cuisine, while tasting it too. This is definitely a tour you won’t want to miss!

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