5 Must-Do Experiences for Wine Lovers in Barcelona

Drinking wine in Barcelona is a dream come true—now take it to the next level!

Whether you prefer crisp, sparkling cava, full-bodied Rioja or anything in between, Barcelona is an incredible place to drink wine. From trendy, modern wine bars to century-old bodegas, there are plenty of places to enjoy vino in the Catalan capital. Here are just five of our favorite experiences for wine lovers in Barcelona that every vino fan should plan to do!

Can't get enough vino? These 5 experiences for wine lovers in Barcelona should earn a place on your itinerary!

1. Enjoy a local wine tasting

You love drinking wine—why not learn about it? Barcelona has dozens of fun and informative wine tastings. Whether you’re just starting to cultivate your Spanish wine knowledge or fancy yourself a budding sommelier, there’s always more to learn about this fascinating beverage.

A local wine tasting is one of our must-do experiences for wine lovers in Barcelona!
Learn how to distinguish between the world’s best wines at a Barcelona wine tasting!

2. Master the porrón at one of Barcelona’s best wine bars

If there’s one thing Barcelona does best, it’s wine bars. It’s only fitting that one of Europe’s trendiest cities has dozens of places to enjoy a glass of wine! Simple as it is, it’s one of our favorite experiences for wine lovers in Barcelona.

From the traditional to the modern, each wine bar in Barcelona has a personal touch that locals love. Be sure to set aside a few hours to chat with the staff and owners. Not only will they help you find your new favorite bottle, but they can offer incredible insight into the wine culture of Barcelona.

Insider’s Tip: Wondering about that weird glass vessel all the locals are drinking their wine from? That’s a porrón! This traditional Catalan drinking jug is a common sight at authentic bodegas and restaurants. Learn how to master the porrón on our Tapas, Taverns & History Tour!

One of the most unique experiences for wine lovers in Barcelona? Mastering the porrón!
Become a porrón pro when you join us on tour!

3. Escape the city on a vineyard tour

One of the must-do experiences for wine lovers in Barcelona isn’t actually in the city itself! Escape busy Barcelona and take a vineyard tour in the beautiful Catalan countryside. Believe it or not, some of the world’s best vineyards are less than an hour away!

One excellent option is our Barcelona Winery Tour with Organic Wine Tasting & Farm-to-Table Lunch. This limited experience will take you just 30 minutes yet an entire world away from Barcelona to Alella, a storybook village full of lush vineyards. In addition to a private winery tour and visit to the village market and bodega, you’ll also have the chance to devour some of our favorite Catalan delicacies. Want to take a peek at what’s in-store? Take a look at this great little video below from our YouTube channel to truly get a taste for this great tour.

4. Drink vermouth—the other white wine!

This isn’t your grandma’s vermouth. Although originally popular in turn-of-the-century Barcelona, this apertif is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Local vermouth bars are often packed with groups of friends enjoying a glass (or several!) along with cold tapas like boquerones and banderillas. 

Enjoying a refreshing glass of vermouth is one of our favorite experiences for wine lovers in Barcelona.
Enjoy vermouth straight from the barrel while in Barcelona!

Intimidated by the crowded vermouth bars? Don’t be! Devour Barcelona expert guide Victoria walks you through how to enjoy vermouth like a local in the video below.

5. Take a wine tour

What’s better than drinking wine? Drinking it with new friends in one of Barcelona’s most beautiful historic neighborhoods! That’s exactly what you’ll do on our Gourmet Tapas & Wine Tour, one of our favorite experiences for wine lovers in Barcelona.

Our Tapas & Wine Tour is easily one of the best experiences for wine lovers in Barcelona!
Drink good wine in good company on our Tapas & Wine Tour!

This magical evening tour will take you off the beaten path and into incredible family-run bodegas and tapas bars most tourists won’t even notice. You’ll taste more than nine Spanish and Catalan wines, each paired beautifully with home-cooked tapas. Along the way, you’ll learn about the fascinating history of the wine industry in Spain and walk the streets of Born like a local.

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    Wow this article is great. I was planning to go to the Barcelona for some time and didn’t know there are some many great experience opportunities for wine lovers.

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