Our Favorite Comfort Food Dishes in Barcelona

Winter is the perfect time for those delicious comfort foods that warm the body and the soul! Check out our favorite comfort food dishes in Barcelona to stay warm!

Escudella i Carn d’Olla

Barcelona’s version of winter stew is an absolute must-try during the cold months of the year! The first documented soup in Europe, original recipes date back to the 14th century as something citizens of Catalonia ate every day! Expect to find it served in two courses: first, the broth with noodles or rice, and second, a selection of meats and vegetables that made the broth, including an enormous meatball pilota.

Where to get it: Terra d’Escudella

Hearty, filling and rich...we love these delicious dishes during winter in Barcelona!
This hearty dish will warm you up in no time! Photo credit: Menjat Vilanova


Lentejas, or lentil soup, is one of the most typical comfort foods of Spain. Hearty, rich and filling, this staple of Spanish cuisine generally consists of a thick stew made with chorizo, garlic and bay leaves for flavor.

Where to get it: Botigueta del Bon Menjar

Yum! We love these great winter dishes in Barcelona!
Delicious lentil soup! Photo credit: La Merche on FlickrCC.

Mandonguilles amb sípia

Barcelona is a city sandwiched between the sea and mountains, which makes for no surprise that Catalan cuisine highlights many mar i muntanya, or surf and turf dishes. As a result, one of the best foods to eat in winter in Barcelona is mandonguilles amb sípia, or meatballs with cuttlefish. This combination is incredibly flavorful, and one of our favorites of all Catalan cuisine!

Where to get it: Bar El Zorrito

We love these delicious Spanish comfort foods, the perfect things to eat in winter in Barcelona!
Incredible meatballs with cuttlefish….seriously a matchmade in heaven!

Arroz caldoso

Sure, you can eat paella in winter in Barcelona, but on a cold day there’s nothing quite like an arroz caldoso, literally translated to “brothy rice”. That might not sound very appetizing, but believe us when we say that this is an absolute treat of winter dishes in Spain! This dish can come in many different forms, though really treat yourself to one with bogavante, or lobster!

Where to get it: Can Solé

We love different rice dishes in Spain, especially these ones to keep you warm in winter in Barcelona!
Arroz con bogavante, a delicious rice dish worth trying in winter in Barcelona!


Who doesn’t love cannelloni? The Catalan version of this stuffed pasta is a typical dish on Boxing Day, though it’s the perfect dish throughout winter in Barcelona if you ask us! Whether they’re stuffed with roast chicken or mushrooms, you can expect loads of creamy bechamel and rich flavor!

Where to get it: Bar del Pla

Looking for the best comfort foods in winter in Barcelona? We will lead the way!
The delicious canelon at Bar del Pla, a frequent stop on our Tapas, Taverns & History tour!

Love to eat? Join us on a food or tapas tour and let us show you the best dishes of Barcelona!

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