10 Reasons Why Kids Love Our Gracia Neighborhood Food & Market Tour

This blog post was originally posted on June 29, 2016 and was updated on August 5, 2017

Looking for kid-friendly activities in Barcelona? Look no further! Our Gracia Neighbourhood Food & Market Tour is a delicious exploration of Spanish food that children love!

Finding kid-friendly activities in Barcelona can sometimes seem daunting, but rest assured this city is one that’s perfect to visit with children in tow. Read on for child-proven reasons why kids love our Gracia Neighborhood Food & Market Tour!

Looking for kid-friendly things to do in Barcelona? Check out our Gracia Neighborhood Food Tour!

1. There is plenty of kid-friendly Spanish food

Traveling with kids can be quite the adventure, especially when mealtimes come around! Which is why finding the best kid-friendly activities in Barcelona can be challenging—especially when it comes to food. Kids on our tour are more than welcome to try everything their parents taste, but we also have special, child-friendly substitutes here and there! Furthermore, all of the delicious food on our tours will highlight the beauty of Spanish food for children!

Local’s Tip: Read more about eating with kids in Barcelona!

There's so many kid-friendly activities in Barcelona. That's what makes it the perfect city - especially when they get to taste delicious sweets at local markets. The perfect morning!
Kids love the rows and rows of tasty sweets at local markets. (And adults too of course!)

2. Gracia is known for its family-friendly streets and squares

Gracia, one of Barcelona’s most charming districts, could not get any more kid-friendly! The area boasts pedestrian streets and large, leafy squares neighborhood children use as playgrounds at all hours of the day and well into the evening.

3. Their senses will be stimulated at the market

There’s nothing like bringing children to a neighborhood market in Barcelona. With so many things to see, smell and taste, it’s no wonder that children and adults alike are so impressed by Barcelona’s markets! Not to mention, it’s a wonderful learning experience about where food comes from, and the sustainable food culture we have here in Spain.

Kids will go crazy over all the Spanish food and specialties on display at the local market! It's truly one of the most kid-friendly activities in Barcelona
So many colors at the neighborhood market!

4. We keep a steady pace

Everyone knows that most children don’t like to stay put too long, yet they also tire easily with too much walking. Our Gracia Neighborhood Food & Market Tour is a perfect combination of sitting, standing and walking, with light strolls in between different stops where we sometimes sit down to rest our feet! If you’re looking for the best kid-friendly activities in Barcelona—this is definitely one that checks all the boxes!

One of the best kid-friendly activities in Gracia is wandering and enjoying the beautiful streets and squares!
Gracia is a haven of beautiful streets and tranquil squares that kids love! Photo credit: Never Ending Voyage

5. Kids are fascinated by Barcelona’s traditions

Beyond the market, tapas bars, pastry shops and more, our Gracia food tour also visits some cultural sights, including the home of the neighborhood giants! Gegants, as they’re called in Catalan, are enormous dolls that the people of Barcelona use for different celebrations throughout the year. Kids love to learn about the giants, the fire parades and also the human castles that are all important traditions of Catalonia.

Tip: Coming in the summer? Check out Gracia’s neighborhood festival, one of the most famous annual events in Barcelona!

We visit cultural stops that are kid-friendly for sure, like the town hall building with giant dolls on display!
One of the stops on the tour involves visiting Gracia’s giants. Even adults will be impressed!

6. It’s interactive

There’s no better way to learn things than through experience—and our food tour is filled with them! From interacting with locals to making their own tomato bread—children will experience so much more than tasty bites!

Barcelona food tours
Making pan con tomate on a tour. Simple and delicious—because kids love this Catalan favourite!

7. They will hang with the locals, and practice Spanish!

Kids are immersed in Spanish-speaking environments on the food tour, from the bustling market to the small pastry shops. Our children’s handout is a great way for children to practice new words they learn while in Spain. It’s filled with word searches, coloring activities and more!


Talking to locals is one of the very best kid-friendly activities in Barcelona - for all ages!
Kids will love meeting some of the great characters while on our tour!

8. They can be little foodies for a day

There is no better activity than a food tour for children who love to taste new things. Our Gracia Neighborhood Food Tour includes over 12 different tastes, from olives and olive oil to Spanish cheeses and desserts. You’ll be surprised at just how excited and interested your little travelers become during their day of discovery—after all getting to know a foreign city through food is a sensory experience! They leave the tour consequently wanting to try even more food. It’s one of the very best kid-friendly activities in Barcelona, that’s for sure!

Kids love tasting different Spanish foods and being put to the test to use their senses in one of the best kid-friendly activities in Barcelona!
Kids love using their senses at our extra virgin olive oil tasting!

9. Did someone say dessert?

No food tour would be complete without a few sweet tastes. Our Gracia food tour is no exception! Children with a sweet-tooth will absolutely love tasting some of the neighborhood’s best pastries!

Delicious pastries are always kid-friendly, right?! And eating them is definitely one of the most kid-friendly activities in Barcelona!
Delicious pastries are always a hit with the kids and of course parents too!

10. Finally, kids get a discount!

Most important of all, did you know that we offer children and teen discounts on our tours? Yep, your little ones can come along for a much-reduced price as we know just how pricey traveling in numbers can be! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for one of the best kid-friendly activities in Barcelona! Your kids will love the experience from start to end!

A Food tour is the best way to find out all there is to know about kid-friendly activities in Barcelona.
Some happy guests on our Gracia Tour. Full bellies and minds!

While, our Gracia Neighborhood Food & Market Tour truly is one of the most kid-friendly activities in Barcelona—almost all of our tours welcome children of any age!

Why not check out our Barcelona Family Food & Legends Tour! It’s specifically designed for families with young children between 4 and 12 years old, so the whole family can get involved! It’s truly a fantastically interactive and exciting (and tasty!) experience. Parents will love seeing their children learn and taste the very best that Barcelona has to offer! What are you waiting for? Tours book up fast, so reserve your spots today! 

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