Why You Should Do a Market Tour in Barcelona

This blog post was originally posted on November 16, 2017, and was updated on September 21, 2016.

Colorful fruit stalls, dozens of delectable cured meats and of course, some of the best fish and seafood selections in the world! There are so many reasons everyone should do a market tour in Barcelona!

Doing a market tour in Barcelona is one of the best ways to learn about local culture and taste delicious Spanish specialties!

Visiting the city and making your plans? You absolutely cannot miss a market tour in Barcelona. Beyond all the offerings of incredible local produce, the markets here are also a place of social gathering. Taking a market tour in Barcelona is so much more than what meets the eye. They are a chance to experience daily life and culture in our city. People not only shop here but socialize too.

With 43 different municipal mercats, Barcelona is one of the best cities to experience a true neighborhood market. From small, local morning markets to the bustling Boqueria Market—there really is a market for everyone. Whichever is your favorite kind, read on about some of the best food markets in Barcelona and why you can’t miss them! Are you a more visual sort of person? Check out this great video to experience inside one of our favorite markets in the city!

They’re Gorgeous, Inside and Out

Did you know that some of the most beautiful buildings in Barcelona are food markets? For example, the colorful wavy roof at the renovated Mercat de Santa Caterina is a beautiful representation of what you can find inside. The Sant Antoni market, however, is a jaw-dropping modernist structure, as well as one of the biggest covered markets in all of Europe. Not to mention, of course, the beautiful Boqueria Market, just off Las Ramblas which is bursting with character, history, and charm!

Taking a market tour in Barcelona is one of the best ways to tap into the local culture and cuisine, while also seeing some of the city's most beautiful architecture!
The gorgeous Santa Caterina market!

Barcelona’s Markets Are More Than a Place to Shop

If you want a taste of local culture, there is no better way to do that than heading to a neighborhood market, which serves the community in a variety of ways. Whether they’re hosting a wine festival or holding a food drive, the markets of Barcelona are also essential to their neighborhood communities!

We love ham! Taste this and more on a market tour in Barcelona!
Shopping in Barcelona’s markets is a local experience!

They’re Still the Best Place to Shop!

As far as grocery shopping goes, it doesn’t get much better or fresher than your local market! Fish right off the boat, locally-grown fruits, and vegetables, freshly baked bread and so much more! Although shopping in the market may be a bit more time-consuming, but the rewards are bountiful!

There are many reasons why you should take a market tour in Barcelona, one of them being to learn about all the wonderful products in Spain!
Incredible selection of fresh local produce!

They Have Some of Barcelona’s Best Tapas Bars

Barcelona’s markets aren’t just places to buy food—they are also fantastic places to eat food! Each market has a small handful of tapas bars and restaurants. The best part is, of course, they make everything on their menu with fresh ingredients from the stalls around them! Check out Bar Pinotxo at La Boqueria, or the lovely terrace of Cuines de Santa Caterina at the Santa Caterina market. Furthermore, if you’re in the Eixample, head to the recently renovated Mercat del Ninot and try their modern tapas bar, La Barra.

Did you know that you can not only buy fresh ingredients at Barcelona's markets but also eat freshly made tapas?!
It doesn’t get any fresher than this!
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