Our Favorite Museums in Barcelona

One of the most interesting things to do in Born is to visit the Picasso Museum. A quick stop off during your 48 hours in Barcelona!

This blog post was originally posted on March 5, 2014, and was updated on January 26, 2018. Barcelona is famous for many things, but art is probably the city’s biggest identifier. We’ve made up a guide to our favorite museums in Barcelona so that you don’t miss a beat! From Gaudi and Miró to Picasso, Barcelona […]

7 Incredible Spots to Watch the Sunset in Barcelona

It’s no doubt that Barcelona is one of the most photogenic cities on the planet, and that’s especially true at sunset. As evening falls over the city, Barcelona takes on a special kind of magic that you have to experience for yourself. Of course, since Barcelona lies on Spain’s eastern coast, you won’t be able […]

7 Things to do in Barcelona for Free

You can always find a way to enjoy Barcelona for free - this amazing show is just one of our favorites!

This blog post was originally posted on September 10, 2014, and was updated on November 28, 2017. You don’t even have to be a penny-pincher to enjoy this city for less than a dime, or even better, nothing. Here are just a few suggestions of things to do in Barcelona for free. A lot of […]