What to Do in Barcelona in July 2018

This blog post was originally posted on June 11, 2015, and was updated on June 28, 2018.

Summer days in Barcelona are glorious, and the nights are even better.

Whether you are exploring the streets of the city or escaping the heat, here’s what to do in Barcelona in July.

Get ready to have plenty of fun in the sun in Barcelona in July! Here are our favorite things to do in the Catalan capital.

See Lots of Live Music

July is one of the biggest months of live music and festivals in Spain. Barcelona’s agenda is packed with different outdoor music events for every taste, budget and style.

  • The Festival Jardins Pedralbes is an evening concert series spanning throughout the summer. It features many local artists as well as internationally known performers.
  • Combine music and modernism with the other evening concert series at some of Gaudi’s masterpieces. One of our top picks is the evening jazz concert series at Casa Milà throughout the summer.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, find a free evening music series in one of Barcelona’s most beautiful gardens at the Vespres de la UB. This year’s edition runs from July 3-19.
  • Looking for a festival? Barcelona Beach Festival is a one-day party on Saturday, July 14 that lives up to its name.
Visiting Barcelona in July? Head to one of the many incredible concerts and music festivals taking place in and around the city!
Having a blast at the Barcelona Beach Festival! Photo credit: The Siberian Music

Head to the Beach

It’s hot, and you need to cool off, so the beach is the perfect place to be for those long summer days. Barceloneta is great for hanging out and wandering. Furthermore, if you’re like us and enjoy people watching, this is the place to visit! However, if you really want to go for a swim, the waters tend to be a bit cleaner further down the coast. Walk or bike to Bogatell beach, for example. Furthermore, you could also take a day trip outside the city.

Visiting the beach is a must if you're in Barcelona in July!
Get ready to relax with your toes in the sand!

Check out Barcelona’s Rooftops

Barcelona is filled with stunning rooftops scattered around the city. It’s also a great way to get good views while soaking in those balmy summer evenings. Though most of these rooftops can be found atop the city’s hotels, you don’t need to be a guest to access them! Check out our full post on the best rooftops of Barcelona. Not to mention Barcelona in July can be quite hot—so this is the perfect way to cool down and chill out! Don’t forget to order a cocktail or two.

In Barcelona in July, you'll find us at one of the city's many amazing rooftop bars!
There’s no better place to be in Barcelona in July than on a rooftop, drinks in hand.

Go on a Food Tour

Armed with plenty of cold water, our delicious food tours will be going strong during the month of July (and August)! If you’re looking for fun things to do in Barcelona in July, do not think twice about booking a food tour. A delicious way to get to know a city, it’s the perfect marriage of food, culture, history, and fun!

We love to show people about the rich gastronomy of Barcelona, Catalonia, and Spain. Whether you’re a local curious to get off the beaten path, or a visitor lucky enough to spend some days in Barcelona this summer, join us! Our award-winning foodie experiences, like our Tastes & Traditions of Barcelona Tour, will introduce you to the city’s fascinating culture and show you how to eat like a local. 

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