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Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Barcelona Food Tour
Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Barcelona Food Tour Image

Discover two of Barcelona’s most charming neighborhoods—the medieval Born district and the fishermen’s quarter Barceloneta—while popping in and out of family-run shops! Too many visitors simply skim the city’s surface, so let one of our expert guides lead you off the tourist track and right into Barcelona’s winding medieval lanes and fascinating history! Not only will you delve into the traditions of two Barcelona neighborhoods, but you’ll taste the best the city has to offer while meeting the locals behind it all!


Start your morning off with a coffee and traditional "xuixo", a beautiful deep-fried pastry filled with crema catalana and covered in crystallized sugar.

Next, you’ll be whisked away to the local Santa Caterina Market—a far cry from the busy Boquería! You’ll weave in and out of locals doing their shopping as you learn about their daily customs and traditions. Along the way, you’ll make two stops to try 3 types of delicious Spanish cheese, followed by cured meats, including jamón ibérico!

Then you’re off to one of Barcelona’s oldest specialty shops—one of the last of its kind, in fact! You’ll taste three of the shop’s specialties, as well as discover a little hidden secret in the back!

After a morning of exploring (and tasting your way through!) the Born district, it’s time to head towards the fishermen’s district of Barceloneta! Along the way, your expert guide will highlight some of Barcelona’s most interesting corners.

After the short walk, it’s time to practice the art of the Spanish aperitif! You’ll head to a local bodega, where you’ll enjoy a glass of vermouth and a pre-lunch nibble as you learn about why places like these were the original Catalan tapas bars!

. Before heading to the last stop for lunch, you will get to try the famous "bomba" of Barcelona with a glass of cava!

To finish off, it’s time for a traditional Spanish lunch! You’ll visit a tucked-away restaurant in the fishermen’s district to enjoy some of the best homemade seafood paella in town, alongside fantastic local wine!

And as with all Devour Barcelona tours, your guide will give you a copy of our Devouring Barcelona guide, which is packed with all our favorite places to eat and drink in the city! So put down your guidebook and get ready to experience Barcelona like a local!

Barcelona Tapas & Wine Tour
Barcelona Tapas & Wine Tour Image

Immerse yourself in the world of Spanish wine as an expert wine guide helps you weave your way in and out of three unique Barcelona tapas bars in the gorgeous Born district! From old-school traditional to new and modern, this walking wine tasting is the best way to discover Spanish wine! Paired with delicious tapas, you’ll taste everything from Spanish reds and whites, to sparkling wine, vermouth and sweet wine! By the end of the evening, you’ll be armed with tips for enjoying wine for the rest of your trip, and you’ll have a clearer idea on which bottle to pick up at the supermarket back home!


Start your night the way most locals do in Barcelona—with a classic aperitif! You’ll enjoy sweet vermouth straight from the tap, and you’ll learn why this delicious fortified wine is making a comeback! You’ll also try two quintessential Barcelona tapas—Iberian ham croquettes and spicy patatas bravas!

Next up, you’ll head to one of Barcelona’s trendiest wine bars. The owners specialize in Catalan wines and boast a fantastic wine list. This is where you’ll dive into the world of sparkling Spanish wine—cava—which is mostly produced in Catalonia! You’ll taste two very different cavas before moving on to something Spain is a little less known for—white and rosé! These refreshing wines will be paired with gourmet, open-faced toasts.

The last stop of the night is at a traditional bodega, or wine store! You’ll learn why wine stores like this one existed in the past, and see how regulars today still bring empty containers to fill up with wine once a week! Along with a traditional Catalan spread of gourmet olives, cheese and cured meats, you’ll taste a range of Spain’s fabulous reds.

And as with all Devour Barcelona tours, your guide will give you a copy of our Devouring Barcelona guide, which is packed with all our favorite places to eat and drink in the city! So put down your guidebook and get ready to experience Barcelona like a local!

Gracia Neighborhood Food & Market Tour
Gracia Neighborhood Food & Market Tour Image

Head a bit north of the city center, and you’ll find an off-the-beaten-path neighborhood few visitors see. The Village of Gracia is full of some of the city’s best food! Join us to wander the streets of this charming neighborhood and get a look at local daily life! From starting the morning off with a bang (and a bubbly glass of cava, to learning the ins-and-outs of Spanish extra virgin olive oil and meeting locals all along the way, this is the perfect experience for anyone who wants to wander outside the city center.


Start your morning off with with a bubbly glass of cava and a traditional Catalan breakfast at a family-run Gracia café, where you’ll learn all about champagne’s long-lost cousin.

Next it’s time to pop into the local market, where you’ll meet locals who are experts in what they sell! First up is cured Spanish jamón—we’ll put you to the test when you try two types.

Then you’ll meet the local who started working at her parents’ cheese stall when she was just 12! You’ll taste three different types of cheese, including an award-winning manchego!

After the market, it’s time to visit to a gorgeous olive oil shop, where you’ll get the scoop on Spanish extra virgin olive oil and taste three of the very best.

Now it’s time for a surprising story and a delicious sweet to match. Gracia has traditionally always welcomed immigrants, and that’s why this local opened up his pastry shop 30 years ago after visiting Barcelona on holiday!

Next up it’s time to practice the art of the Spanish aperitif at a family-run bodega with a glass of vermouth. This stop wouldn’t be complete with a few favorite bar snacks, so you’ll also taste locally cured Spanish sausage, pickled anchovies and the emblematic pan con tomate! You’ll even get to try your hand at making this Catalán staple!

Now it’s time to visit a traditional local shop specializing in takeaway home-cooked Spanish food! You’ll taste a roasted vegetable salad called escalivada and a hearty meatball and chickpea stew.

Last but not least, it’s time to end on a sweet note! You’ll visit one of the few remaining family-run pastry shops, where you’ll enjoy coffee or tea, and a Catalan pastry created almost a century ago!

And as with all Devour Barcelona tours, your guide will give you a copy of our Devouring Barcelona guide, which is packed with all our favorite places to eat and drink in the city! So put down your guidebook and get ready to experience Barcelona like a local.

Tapas, Taverns & History Tour
Tapas, Taverns & History Tour Image

Embark on a journey into Barcelona’s history, culture and delicious tapas scene! You’ll visit three of Barcelona’s best tapas bars as you wind your way through the medieval streets of the Gothic Quarter and Born neighborhood. But delicious food and great wine are just the start! Your expert guide will bring Barcelona’s magical past to life, helping you truly discover the city! By the end of the night, you’ll have mastered going out for tapas like a local and come away with an insider perspective on this magical city!


Kick things off at a traditional bodega, or wine shop, where locals still stop by with empty containers to fill up with wine! With a glass of bubbly cava in hand, you’ll taste locally cured meats, cheese, olives and cured tuna belly! You’ll also taste the city’s favorite aperitif—sweet vermouth!

Next, your expert guide will lead you through Barcelona’s stunning Gothic quarter, pointing out hidden corners and letting you in on its secrets on the way to the next tapas bar.

The second tapas bar is a Barcelona establishment! Although it only has four tapas on the menu, they’re all spectacular, which is why this place is almost always overflowing with locals. At this bar, you’ll enjoy fried anchovies, a refreshing tomato salad and grilled Catalan sausage!

Afterwards, it’s time to head to another area—the Born—where your guide will lead you through its narrow streets as you learn even more of Barcelona’s many secrets and myths.

Finally, it’s time for a sit-down meal at one of Barcelona’s most-loved tapas bar. You’ll enjoy a selection of traditional Catalan dishes with unique, modern twists, along with red wine from the Monstant region! Dinner wouldn’t be complete without something sweet—you’ll finish the night with a traditional Spanish dessert and a sweet red wine!

And as with all Devour Barcelona tours, your guide will give you a copy of our Devouring Barcelona guide, which is packed with all our favorite places to eat and drink in the city! So put down your guidebook and get ready to experience Barcelona like a local!

Barcelona Tapas & Flamenco Tour
Barcelona Tapas & Flamenco Tour Image

Flamenco may hail from southern Spain, but that doesn’t mean this passionate tradition can’t be found in Barcelona! If you’d like to learn where flamenco came from and how it made its way to Barcelona, then join us for a night of flamenco and tapas! As you enjoy a traditional aperitif, your expert guide will set the scene for the drama-filled dance you’re about to see! You’ll then head to a hidden venue to watch Barcelona’s best flamenco show! Afterwards, you’ll sit down to a delicious tapas feast—the perfect moment to discuss what you’ve just seen!


Start the night off with Barcelona’s classic aperitif—sweet vermouth straight from the tap! As your expert guide walks you through the origin of flamenco, you’ll taste pickled anchovies and chorizo cooked in hard cider.

Next up, it’s time for the flamenco show, which takes place within a hidden 17th century palace! With a drink in hand, you’ll make your way to your seat! During this intimate show, you’ll witness the true passion of talented local artists!

After the show, you’ll head to one of Barcelona’s best tapas and wine bars, where you’ll sit down for traditional Catalan tapas, wine, and of course, dessert!

And as with all Devour Barcelona tours, your guide will give you a copy of our Devouring Barcelona guide, which is packed with all our favorite places to eat and drink in the city! So put down your guidebook and get ready to experience Barcelona like a local!

Early Morning Boqueria Market Tour
Early Morning Boqueria Market Tour Image

Join an incredible early-morning discovery of the famous Barcelona Boqueria Market.

Our early morning Boqueria Market Tour arrives just as the stallholders are setting up, and long before the tourist crowds start to arrive. You'll have a peek behind the scenes with our favorite vendors, and learn about where Spain's abundance of meats, seafood and produce come from. You'll meet locals who have worked in the market for decades and hear their stories. You'll also learn about how the Boqueria Market has changed over time, and how over-tourism is contributing negatively to this iconic market.

Our visit will contribute to the market in a sustainable way: we will be in a small group of six guests maximum and we will visit and support various family-run stalls. You will also learn about how to be responsible visitors to Barcelona, and see the city from a local perspective with your local guide!

Our Boqueria Market Tour also includes a delicious breakfast at a nearby breakfast café called a 'granja' -- this one has been open since 1870 and has a fascinating history! Come early and hungry, and join us on this unforgettable daytime food tour.

Barcelona for Kids Walking Tour with Snacks (Private)
Barcelona for Kids Walking Tour with Snacks (Private) Image

Discover Barcelona’s historic city center on a family-friendly walking tour with an expert guide. Our Barcelona for kids tour is specially designed for kids ages 4 to 12, with adapted activities and conversation topics for each age group. We even add a small element of language learning activities if your kids are interested in practicing their Spanish with us at the beautiful Santa Caterina Market!


This Barcelona family walking tour explores the city’s beautiful historic center, passing through Barcelona’s main sights in the Born & the Gothic neighborhoods. Tours may include stops such as the Giant’s museum, which children will love as they learn all about the fun, colorful and interesting traditions from Catalonia.

The fun and dynamic tour will keep your children engaged throughout with stories of Spanish history– explorers, kings and queens, princes and princesses, knights, artists, and more. Full of activities and games, including a dragon hunt through medieval streets! Watch your children follow clues and hints as we make our way through winding alleys in search of some of these mythical beasts, as we explain their place in Barcelona’s history.

About 30 minutes into the tour, we’ll make a food stop for a typical Spanish breakfast in one of our favorite and oldest bakeries, which is over 150 years old. Here we will get to go behind the scenes and visit the bakers busy at work before we settle down to some delicious pastries and treats.

We will then continue our journey to the beautiful local market and see the hustle and bustle of local of daily life as we learn some useful Spanish words and phrases before we set off again for the very famous Giant’s museum.

*The Giant's Museum is subject to closings, if closed alternate stops will be arranged.

Halfway through the tour, we will relax into another delicious tasting of the best Iberian cured meats at a traditional, family-run cafe. Adults and children will enjoy a beverage of choice (cava, wine, beer, soft drinks, or water) and kids will learn the art of making Spanish sandwiches, called “bocadillos” as they learn all about Spanish culture and how kids their own age live in Spain.

Fully energized, we take off on the second half of the tour where kids learn all about our Roman history as they explore the Gothic neighborhood. They will love the charming square and stories as they search for gargoyles hidden in the winding streets. Our kid-friendly guides are gifted storytellers and will make sure your children have the best experience of Barcelona.

Towards the end of the route, you’ll make your last stop at a beautiful old sweet shop before we say goodbye. The tour wraps up leaving you and your children with plenty of energy as you go back to enjoying your visit to Barcelona.

Taste of Catalan Countryside Day Trip with Winery Visit
Taste of Catalan Countryside Day Trip with Winery Visit Image

If you are looking for a truly local day trip experience outside of Barcelona, this is the tour for you! We will head outside of the city to the nearby village and wine region of Alella, where we have a delicious and authentic morning full of local fun, food and wine waiting for you. This all-inclusive day trip starts off in the center of Barcelona, where you’ll meet your guide and fellow foodies for private transport to the gorgeous village of Alella, just a short 30 minute ride from the city.

Your first stop will be in town at the village bodega, where you’ll taste local vermouth straight from the barrel and nibble on tapas at this famous and buzzing local favorite tapas bar. After a stroll around the picturesque village and a visit to the local market, where you’ll have a chance to learn about and buy local specialties, you’ll head to one of the region’s most famous wineries for a private walk through the vineyards and a tasting of their delicious wines.

Finally, the main event! You’ll experience one of the most authentic Catalan winter celebrations, feasting on grilled spring onions called calçots (see more information below!) at a rustic 17th century restaurant that harvests its very own calçots. Then for the next course – a lunch of grilled meats and delicious Catalan favorites, all paired with local wines. Finally you’ll end with dessert and coffee!

What are calçots you ask? They are one of the region’s most authentic and special seasonal foods. Every winter Barcelona locals head for the countryside to feast on these delicious local spring onions which are grilled over an open flame, and eaten with a delicious special sauce. After stuffing themselves with onions, the locals then enjoy a barbecue of grilled meats and side dishes, all washed down with local wines. It’s a total feast!

Sound like fun? It’s an amazing, one-of-a-kind Barcelona experience! On our 5-hour day trip from Barcelona, you’ll feel like a local by experiencing a truly memorable taste of Catalan rustic village culture.

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