Top Five Vineyard Tours Near Barcelona

If you’re a wine lover, you won’t want to miss our Barcelona wine experiences. Join us on the evening Tapas & Wine Tasting tour, or escape the city and book a Barcelona Winery Tour, where you get to see a whole different side of Catalonia by visiting its nearby wine country! And today we have […]

Everything You Need to Know about Catalan

So you’re visiting Barcelona and you’re brushing up on your 8th grade Spanish. Donde está el baño, you murmur to yourself on the plane. La cuenta, por favor, you nervously repeat again and again, imagining the delicious tapas dinner you will eventually enjoy on your trip. But little do you realize that upon arriving in Barcelona, you could possibly find […]

Where to Eat Breakfast in Barcelona

Breakfast in Barcelona is a beautiful thing! From the perfect savory toast drizzled with olive oil to the rich hot chocolate and churros, use our guide on where to eat breakfast in Barcelona for your most important meal of the day! Granja y Chocolateria la Nena Spanish hot chocolate is not like the rest. Thick, […]

10 Cheap things to do in Barcelona

Looking for cheap things to do in Barcelona? Barcelona is easy to enjoy on less than a dime! Check out the CCCB CCCB, the abbreviation for Centro de Cultural Contemporanea de Barcelona, fittingly sits right next the contemporary museum of the MACBA in the Raval. But unlike the MACBA, the CCCB has a constantly changing program, each […]

Bullfighting: Yay or nay?

Catalonia has a long history of taking stands, and the case of bullfighting is no exception. Four years have passed since the region officially banned the sport and with time the bullrings that remain standing have been converted into shopping centers, museums and concert venues. Though these bullrings’ history is crawling closer and closer to oblivion, […]

Top Cava Bars in Barcelona

In Barcelona, no holidays are necessary to pop open a bottle of bubbly. Cava, the region’s famously delicious sparkling white wine, is a staple of the Barcelona tapas culture, so check out our picks for the best spots to snag a glass of cava in Barcelona. El Rincon de Cava As its name suggests (The […]