Barcelona Neighborhood Guide

Like every big city, Barcelona has several distinctly unique neighborhoods that stand out amongst each other. Getting lost in the Gothic Quarter or roaming the hills of Gracia are just a few ways even locals enjoy the magic of this city. Here just a few insider tips with our Barcelona neighborhood guide ! The Gothic Quarter […]

Top 5 Reasons Why the Mediterranean Diet Rules

When you hear the words “mediterranean diet”, what probably comes to mind is yet another trendy weight-loss fad that everyone is raving about. But as heavily as the word “diet” sometimes weighs on our society (no pun intended), it doesn’t have to imply restrictions or guilty pleasures… The mediterranean diet, for us, means all the […]

Where to Eat Brunch in Barcelona

If you had asked people in Spain what brunch was five years ago, you might have received some strange answers or blank stares. But nowadays, brunch in Barcelona is becoming as much of a religion as anywhere else, enough so that the verb brunchear has been adopted as general Spanish slang! Here are some of our […]

Eat, Drink and Be Merry: Fun with Spanish Food Phrases

food tours in Barcelona

Like every culture, the Spanish have an abundance of wise and sometimes silly phrases or idioms related to eating. Useful or not, it’s a fun and interesting way to learn a bit of the language and understand different aspects of the culture. Desayuna mucho, come más, cena poco y vivirás. Probably the most Spanish of […]

Best Ice Cream in Barcelona

Looking for the best ice cream in Barcelona? Look no further! We’ve done the very taxing research, and have chosen our top places for ice cream in the Barcelona! Ice cream in Barcelona is serious business. From the old-fashioned parlors who take pride in the traditional art of its production to the newer yogurt shops […]

7 Things to do in Barcelona for Free

A lot of people like to exaggerate that everything is expensive in the city, that even breathing costs money and that your bills will evaporate faster than you have time to withdraw them from the ATM. But, these people are not resourceful when it comes to exploring cities on the cheap, and Barcelona is no […]