Summer Treats: Watermelon Gazpacho Recipe

Gazpacho is undoubtedly one of the best treats of summer in Spain. A cold, refreshing tomato-based soup that Spaniards usually drink from a glass, there are dozens of recipes and versions of the stuff. Last week, we decided to add a twist to the more traditional gazpacho recipes by adding watermelon. The result, surprisingly, is […]

What to Do in Barcelona in August

Despite many things closing down for holidays, August is still a happening month in Barcelona!

Ahh, Barcelona in August…though it’s widely known that much of the city closes up and gets out of town, there is still plenty going on! From neighborhood festivals to open air cinemas, and of course, finding places to escape the summer heat, check out our suggestions for things to do in Barcelona in August. Experience […]

Foodie Finds: Tros de Sort Tupí Cheese

We love this stinky, spreadable Catalan cheese!

One of the best parts about living (and eating!) in an area so profoundly rooted in tradition is finding those old ways of life that still live on despite modern times. Throughout Spain, so much of what we eat was born out of necessity, and today it continues on through tradition. This applies to cured […]