Where to Stay Warm and Have Chocolate and Churros in Barcelona

Looking for things to do in winter in Barcelona? On those chilly days, you cannot miss out on a Spanish hot chocolate! Check out our recommendations for best churros in chocolate in Barcelona, and stay warm! Granja Viader One of the oldest granjas (establishments selling fresh milk and cream) in Barcelona, Granja Viader is a total classic […]

Our Favorite Comfort Food Dishes in Barcelona

Winter is the perfect time for those delicious comfort foods that warm the body and the soul! Check out our favorite comfort food dishes in Barcelona to stay warm! Escudella i Carn d’Olla Barcelona’s version of winter stew is an absolute must-try during the cold months of the year! The first documented soup in Europe, […]

Winter Holidays in Barcelona

Spending your winter holidays in Barcelona? There’s a lot to do during the mild winter months in the Catalan capital! Read on to get ideas for how to spend the perfect winter holiday in Barcelona. What to Expect on a Winter Holiday in Barcelona They say winter is when Barcelona residents reclaim their city, and that […]