Our Expert Guides

We know that having a great guide is key to truly discovering a destination. That’s why our tours are led by passionate Spain gurus who love sharing their insider knowledge with our guests. We’ve got historians, sommeliers and art experts on the team, and each guide is a gifted storyteller.

We can’t wait for you to meet them!

Rosa Aparicio

Originally from Valladolid (the home of Ribera del Duero wine!), her passion for people and travel brought her to more than 60 countries. After trying lots of international food the winner is still her mom’s tortilla de patata.

Enrique Rossi

Enrique is a half-Italian, half-Spanish art historian with a Catalan family. He was raised in the kitchens of his two grandmothers and his passions are food (Italian and Spanish!), wine and art.

Jessica García

Born and raised in Barcelona, Jess has a passion for sharing her knowledge of Catalan and Spanish gastronomy, culture and society.

Álvaro Calderon

Barcelona born and raised, Álvaro is a lawyer-turned-tour guide sharing his passion for Catalan history, art and gastronomy with the world.

Norah Pineiro

Born in the Galicia in the northwestern part of Spain, Norah translates for food & travel publications and co-organizes wine trips from Barcelona to the Catalan countryside.

Ferran Pamies

Son of a Catalan dad and an English mother who’s been having pan con tomate and sausage for breakfast ever since he had teeth.

Pamela Ferrando

Pamela worked for Barcelona’s “European Region of Gastronomy” project in 2016 and since then has made it her mission to spread Catalan cuisine and traditions!

Nika Shevela

Raised in Barcelona, Nika is a translator-turned-wine expert. When not on tour, she shares her passion and knowledge of Spanish and international wines through her events, her teaching in a wine school and her consulting with some of Barcelona’s most exciting restaurants.

Victoria Batz

Victoria is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for food and Spain. She grew up between Sweden and Andalusia and has called Barcelona home for the past decade.

Fintan Kerr

Originally from England, Fintan now spends his time exploring the world of wine and is studying to be one of Spain’s few Masters of Wine.

Lior Schechori

A passionate food and wine lover, Lior is a trained chef who studied culinary arts at Barcelona’s prestigious Hofmann School of Hospitality.

Paulina Grzeszczyk

Originally from Poland, she lived in a small Catalan town for 3 years where she totally fell in love with the traditional food! She moved to Barcelona 3 years ago to explore this amazing and mysterious city.

Dominic Furlonge

Born in London, Dom was raised within a from a family of chefs. His fascination with politics, culture, and food, naturally drew him to the cultural melting pot of Barcelona.

Luke Watson

Leading tours in Barcelona since 2011, Luke knows the city inside and out. His insatiable thirst for knowledge in art and culture is matched only by his hunger to explore the world of gastronomy and wine.

Jane Connelly

Jane’s been pursuing her passion for Spanish gastronomy since 2010 through food- & wine-focused road and bike trips, walking the Camino de Santiago, and by participating in any and all local festivals.

Valentina Procopio

Valentina is an artist and art historian with a strong passion for food and wine who lives by her grandmother’s motto: food is health, health is happiness!

Hannah Bächtold

Hannah loves how Barcelona perfectly combines tradition and modernization in every way—she even wrote her thesis on a medieval Catalan cookbook!

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