Where to Eat Breakfast in Barcelona

Breakfast in Barcelona is a beautiful thing! From the perfect savory toast drizzled with olive oil to the rich hot chocolate and churros, use our guide on where to eat breakfast in Barcelona for your most important meal of the day!

The best spots for breakfast in Barcelona, from sweet to savory!

Granja y Chocolateria la Nena

Spanish hot chocolate is not like the rest. Thick, oozing fondue-like chocolate is a breakfast staple here, much to some visitors’ surprise. Over the years, La Nena has earned its well-deserved fame as one of the best chocolaterías in Gracia. Of course, if you can’t handle the intensity of Spanish chocolate first thing in the morning, worry not.  The coffee is fantastic, too. Great for families and kids, this place is a must for breakfast in Barcelona.

Address: Carrer Ramon y Cajal, 36

best breakfast in Barcelona
Creamy hot chocolate at La Nena.

Granja Petit Bo

In the Eixample district and not far from the old city, Granja Petitbo is an absolute gem. Like the name implies, the dining room of this corner cafe is very reminiscent of a farmhouse kitchen with rustic tables and mismatched chairs. Not your most typical concept in Spain, you can also sit at the communal table and chat with strangers. The pastries are homemade and the pan amb tomaquet (bread with tomato) toast is classic. If you’re really hungry, try the cocotte, an iron cast casserole dish of eggs and various savory delights.

Address: Passeig de Sant Joan, 82

There are so many wonderful places for breakfast in Barcelona! Check out our guide, from traditional and classic to modern and trendy.
The cozy Granja Petitbo! Photo credit: Granja Petitbo.

Cafe del Born Nou

With high airy ceilings and dozens of cozy wooden tables, the Cafe del Born Nou wins for best spot to sip on coffee and leaf through the newspaper. Locals usually order one of their entrepans, Catalan for sandwiches, and though nothing out of the ordinary, are just plain delicious on freshly baked French bread rubbed with tomato and drizzled in olive oil. They also offer up several brunch options for those who need something heartier.

Address: Plaça Comercial, 10

Find the best options for breakfast in Barcelona!
Was there ever anything as delicious as Catalan pa amb tomaquet?

La Donuteria

Who said you can’t eat donuts in Spain? On one of the most emblematic streets of Barcelona sits a lovely, relatively new cafe and donut house offering up a variety of sweet and salty and even Catalan treats (try the crema catalana donut, similar to creme brûlée). Your sugar levels might spike but you won’t regret it after this memorable and modern experience of breakfast in Barcelona.

Address: Carrer Parlament, 20

Delicious breakfasts from traditional toasts to trendy donuts! Find the best breakfast in Barcelona.
The best donuts in Barcelona? You decide! Photo credit: Un Buen Dia en Barcelona

Xurreria el Trebol

Best churros in Barcelona? That’s easy! Xurrería el Trebol fries them fresh all day long, along with a handful of other tasty treats. If you’re a real sweettooh, go for the xuxo, a custard filled, fried pastry, rolled in sugar no less!

Address: Carrer de Corsega, 341

Delicious breakfast options await at our favorite spots to have breakfast in Barcelona!
The oh-so-classic Xurreria el Trebol! Photo Credit: Timeout

La Pubilla

Looking for a hearty breakfast, Catalan style? There’s no one that does the esmorzar de forquilla, or “fork breakfast”, better than La Pubilla in Gracia. The esmorzar de forquilla is a traditional countryside breakfast and much heavier than what urban dwellers typically eat. From Catalan pork sausages and beans to rich, hearty stews, it’s certainly an interesting way to start the day!

Address: Plaça de la Llibertat, 23

For a rich, hearty breakfast in Barcelona, head to La Pubilla!
The classic La Pubilla! Photo Credit: Le Cool Barcelona

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